Bathroom Remodel

The remodel photos are in! I spent Christmas Eve reading a book, drinking wine in my new whirlpool tub. Now I’m in my pjs watching Californication hoping that Santa Claus brings me a man.

If you like the remodel work, please feel free to contact Contractor. Let him know that I sent you!

Horia Niream
IC Home Design

Before & After

New vanity. Notice the His and Hers Kitty Litter box holes under the counter. No more kitty litter boxes in the middle of the floor! The photo doesn’t give it justice, but the sparkly quartz countertop is awesome.

Toilet is now a 1.2 gallon flush and slimmer lines. You can see the tile work. The big black tiles, porcelain fake slate, are the ones I got from a friend. I mixed them with multi-color slate.

Shower now has a whirlpool tub and a built-in soap area. The curtain is much more sparkly than it looks. And I love the red travertine tile.

Bonus! A place to take my shoes off when I walk in the door!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Great job! I like the tile floor pattern. Good layout technique.


  2. When Kathy and I looked at the first picture we both thought, “yech!” but then realized that was the *before* shot. Anyway, love the new look, sans the cat box.

    Cub Scout doesn’t want to look at the pics until he can see it in person.


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