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My Fitness Pal

I’ve been goofing off long enough. If I don’t lose this extra weight now, it is just going to get harder to do later.

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I’ve put this ticker in the side bar so you can watch my progress. I need some sort of accountability. So there it is. I want to lose 24.4 pounds. I know it doesn’t necessarily look like I have that much to lose, but I’ve spent the last few years learning to hide it. Time to unhide it. Time to just get rid of it.

The plan is to lose a pound a week. Exercise more and eat smaller portions. I don’t eat a lot of sweets, rarely drink soda, but I do love me some carbs. So if I want to eat carbs, I have to earn them by doing exercise.

At one pound a week, starting now, I should have lost 25 pounds by Father’s Day on June 19th. I’ve just added markers in my calendar for each five-pound mark.

If I can train for and run a half marathon, then I can do this!

BTW, I’m running Bay to Breakers this year with Meine Schwester. If any of you want to run it with us, make sure to sign up early, since it is the 100th running!