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Dream vignettes

I’m lacking some details of this morning’s dream. And I kept waking up, so it changed a few times.

The first dream I remember, I was in the Army. We had to pack up and move base camp, again, and I was annoyed about that. I worried about losing our computer equipment We had a sliding glass door on the backside of the desert. Out on the deck were a couple of Michael Vick’s dogs we were trying to retrain. But some idiot had put a little, white, yappy dog out there and I could hear fighting. Morons. So much hard work and now we were going to have to deal with an injured or dead dog.

At the same time, one of the other guys in the unit was an amazing chef and had a table in a fair to sell his food. I was trying to find someone else to go with him. I stopped by his table to see how he was doing.

Back at base, Mom stopped by to tell me that Meme wants to visit me for a third time, but will only take the train now. So anything we do in Cali has to be within distance of the train. I asked her if Meme knew it would take four days to get to Cali from Maine. Mom shook her head but said yes.

This is the time I woke up the first time. Then tried to go back to sleep.

I was in my car and had stopped somewhere. Before getting back on the road, I needed gas. So I drove around back and saw a gas station and went to the first pump I saw. It had a credit card reader, but was really an old pump. Just as my tank was finishing filling, I read the fine print on the pump. It was five dollars and fifty cents per gallon!

That is when I realized the old pump I was using was different than the rest of the pumps. This pump actually belonged to the business I’d driven around, not the Citgo station next to it. It looks like they had been scamming people for years. They were probably the town’s original gas station and angry about big oil moving in. Maybe they used free-range, organic, local Californian oil? Who knows. I was angry.

I drove off in Myrtle the Convertible with the top down. The highway split in three ahead of me, so I picked the center while I tried to put a big sheet of paper away in the glovebox so it wouldn’t blow away. Just as I closed it, I looked up to see I was going over a bridge, I hit a slippery patch and lost control of the car. In slow motion, my car spun, I tried to regain control, but I was headed for the barrier. I hoped it would contain me, but the car broke through it. I saw a sandy beach below me, and knowing I could no longer control the car, I wrapped my arms around my head, pulled my legs up so that I was a little ball of nothing. Then I tried to relax, so that I wouldn’t be rigid during the crash. I tried to believe I was a bouncy ball and the fall wouldn’t hurt me. I tried to think of something relaxing, like lying in the sun on this sandy white beach instead of falling onto it in my car.

I woke up a second time.

I fell back asleep and I was at work. My coworkers were sitting in different conference rooms just chatting in small groups. I saw Travel Buddy P and wondered why she wasn’t home with the new baby. I went in to talk to her and saw that there was a classroom full of kids all wearing matching jean jackets, huddled around a table and their teacher was standing at the front podium. I thought, Travel Buddy P looks really good for just having a baby. Maybe she will help out with the food table we have at the fairgrounds…

I woke up and decided to get out of bed for good.

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