Dreams that rock my world

Last night seemed almost absent of sleep. I had to set my alarm clock for 6:15 am so I could bring The Archivist to the airport. Knowing that my alarm clock would go off, I woke every hour to check the time. It also meant I dreamt almost constantly.

At 3 am, I considered blogging about it, but decided not to interrupt my already failed night. So I don’t remember much now, but there were two that stuck around.

The first was that I took a very large elevator with two other people. As we began to descend, an earthquake broke out. The building swayed so much that it almost tipped over. The elevator started sliding upward. The building straightened and we slid to the bottom. On exiting the elevator, I swore I would never get in one again. I woke up in a panic.

The second dream involved an astronaut who hijacked a Soviet-era space capsule. We were desperately trying to find it. Eventually, we discovered the charred remains of it and the pilot. We weren’t convinced that the human charcoal was that of the astronaut who’d stolen it, so we were sending it out for DNA testing. This dream too trailed off into me waking up to check the clock.

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