This is the California I signed up for!

This morning I woke up and accidentally fell into my running clothes. I decided Perl and I could do two mile. It was a perfect-for-running fifty degrees with very few cars on the road. Halfway through, we took a detour to a park I’ve been wanting to check out. It has a dirt trail, so we ran it twice and went back to our usual route. Four miles later, we were back at home.

For stretching, I cleaned the house. Laundry, dishes, the litter box and vacuuming. And then I showered in my fantastic new bathroom.

I stopped off at work for a couple hours to see if I could track down a bug I’ve been chasing. I curled up on my red, Naugahyde couch (made from free-range, grass-fed Naugas in Naugatuck, CT), basking in the sun while balancing my Mac Book Air precariously on my knees.

When I left the office, the temperature had climbed to almost seventy, so I lowered Myrtle’s top and we went for a spin. People were Sunday driving and cutting me off, but I didn’t care. The wind tussled my hair, I could see the clouds spread thinly through the sky to soften the sun, and I could smell the freshly cut lawns and ice cream shop.

At home, I opened all the doors and windows wide. I let Mitsy run out the front door as if she were getting away with a heist, then I took her and Perl out back to roll in the grass and play in the sun. It is absolutely spectacular outside!

At one point, it was awfully quiet behind me. I turned to find a standoff. Between the trees on the right is a big, gray cat.

We will have to go inside soon so I can get ready for an 80’s party. I think the best I can do is 80’s preppy. I’ve managed to lose all the crazy neon. Luckily, I bought a new pair of RayBans this year!

Quintessential California.

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