Kindness of strangers

I was sore from my run yesterday, and thus I postulated that Perl was also sore, so I took her out for a four mile walk.

A mile into our walk, I started to warm up, so I took off my hoodie and tied it around my waist. Perl doubled back to me, but I didn’t know why.

As we reached the next corner, a man came from around the fence and said,”Good morning.” I thought he was just being polite. A nice looking guy within ten years of my age, out on a walk.

While I was stunned by this anomaly I had just discovered—it was like discovering a new galaxy—he spoke again. “I think you dropped your [blargle].”

“My what?” I wasn’t expecting a conversation, but if I were, I was prepares for statements like, “What a beautiful day,” or “You have a cute dog,” or the often heard, “You’re hot, wanna make out?”. Okay, that last one never gets said, but I am prepared for it. However, the words uttered out of his mouth were a non sequitor, so I was unprepared for comprehension.

“Your keys. I think you dropped your keys back there.”

I thought for a moment. I’d put my keys in my hoodie. I’d just taken off my hoodie. I patted the pockets of my jeans and my keys were no where to be felt.

“Thank you!” I turned and walked back to where my keys were laying on the ground.

By the time I turned back around, The Anomoly had retreated back behind the fence and out of sight. It turns out he wasn’t a new galaxy, but he was a shooting star.

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  2. I love the last two sentences of this post. Love them. They could be lyrics in a song, I swear. You should write music. I’m telling you, you’d be good.


  3. I’ll leave the song writing to you. I can’t sing in key and I never did master any particular instrument more than the recorder. ;-)


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