Screaming myself awake

This time I’m going to tell you about it so that maybe I can start a new dream when I go back to sleep. First I have to tell you I’ve had a splitting headache since work. I stupidly did an exercise video which didn’t help, but my headache had lessened when I went to bed. No, I didn’t take anything for it, hoping it would just go away on its own. I know better. So I just went to where I keep the aspirin, hidden in the most inconvenient place in the cabinet. And all I seem to have is Aleve, which I use occasionally for muscle pain. So I took one, hoping to alleviate both my headache and my sore muscles. Unrelated, Pablo the Cat just sneezed. I think he and Mitzy have colds or allergies or something.

So, the dream. I think it is the same one I’ve screamed about before, but I’m probably wrong. I’m in my childhood home. The doors and windows don’t lock well. I wake up to find my ex-boyfriend trying to break in. I’m trying to scream in the dream, but I can’t. He’s there to steal the mushrooms I’ve gathered. He’s in. I finally can scream in the dream and I won’t stop. I’m trying to hit him with something, but he blocks it and laughs at my futile attempts. I won’t tell him where I hid the mushrooms. So he pretends to leave and I fall for it. I check on my mushrooms which I’ve hidden in a Nettipot. It looks like an oversized Winnie the Pooh honey pot, but with a steel core inside the ceramic. My ex has broken in again. I’m trying to whack him with the steel-cored Nettipot cover. And I’m screaming. Only this time I screamed out loud in real life and woke myself up. I fear my neighbors will think I’m the girl who cried wolf.

I can taste the Aleve now as it dissolves in my stomach. I only took one with a glass of water because I don’t like the taste. Like baking soda. I sure hope this works.

I not only misspelled neti pot, but it is not at all what I meant it to be in my dream. A neti pot is used for irrigation of the nasal passages. In the dream, I had actually named my honeypot a nettipot, however, my honeypot in the dream looked like a gigantic Winnie the Pooh honeypot, but I really was using it as a physical representation of a security honeypot, which is a way to detect and deflect unauthorized usage in a computing system.

While you are making fun of my steel and ceramic misnamed honeypot, lets remember that this is a dream coming from the same girl who though that NSBindings had made her pregnant. Sad part is, I don’t know who leaked the words neti pot and honeypot into my dream.

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