Did you miss me?

I fell off the public transportation wagon for a while. Actually, I fell of the travel wagon. I think that may have contributed to my lack of blog posts lately. I miss the free time I get when I’m on a train or a plane.

So tonight, I’m headed to the city. I biked to the train station. I locked up my bike extra tight in hopes that it is still there when I get home. There is a much nicer bike down the rack—blue, shiny, and new. I’m sure any potential thief would steal that rather than my drab green, cobwebbed, decade-and-a-half-year-old bike. My bike helmet is not well secured to the bike, but if a guy really wants to steal a pink helmet, then maybe he needs it more than me.

And now my train has arrived. On time. May the adventure begin!

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2 responses to this post.

  1. In Portland, we could take our bikes on the light rail. There was a space to “hang” them while you traveled in the train (aka-THE MAX, the equivalent of BART). Does BART not have that? Just curious.


  2. I could have taken it on Caltrain. They do have a bike car. But I didn’t really need it once I got to the city. And better that I didn’t bring it because it wouldn’t have fit in my friend’s car for the ride home.


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