Tuesday Nightcap

L came over for our regular, heterosexual, Tuesday night date drooling over Wedding Singer and watching our food. Or the other way around. I forget. Tonight was our foray into Thai curries. We made a vegetarian green curry out of the random veggies I had laying around. L brought a kick-ass bottle of sparkling wine that we enjoyed. I taught her how to open the bottle since the guys had never let her. No spillage.

We listened to great music, we ate, we drank, and we went home merry. And now I’m lying in bed wondering when Pablo will convince Perl to let him sleep next to her. Tonight he managed to get an ear on her tail. Progress.

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  1. Ah, you sure know how to flatter a boy! By the way, keep an eye out in the mail this week. Sent you a new project. A copy for you, and a copy for L. Word to your mother(s). Cheers!


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