It’s a 50/50 chance

Of snow on Saturday! I love living in Cali because I am actually giddy about the prospect of snow, whereas if I were still in CT, Physics Goddess said that I’d be trying to jump out a window at this point and disappointed when cushioned by the feet of white powder.

Instead, I’m taking pictures of the cherry blossoms that have been out for two weeks now.

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  1. SO JEALOUS. Not of the snow. Just got three inches here last night (Helena, MT). Jealous of the cherry blossoms. We won’t see that until late April or early May AT THE EARLIEST. I always wondered why people flock to CA and flee from MT. Oh yeah, it’s because you can grow food 365 days a year. Why didn’t I get that memo before I moved to Montana? Oh well. Enjoy the perfumes from those blooms! So jealous.


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