Dream sequence

This time it was two distinct dreams. The first involved Meine Schwester und Ich moving to India with our pets. Well, her cats weren’t there, but we had Perl, Mitsy, and Pablo, and her dog Coco. But we had to sneak into the country through a neighboring country and then traverse a desert. We landed at base camp where we were to spend the night. We pitched a tent, there were bathrooms with just holes in the floor and I thought that this was just to scare people to stay home and that they would have real toilets once we got in. Pablo and Mitsy escaped their kennel, so I had to catch them. Pablo got caught by a meat-eating deer that thought he was a rabbit and I had to fight off the deer by petting it into submission. Finally, against better judgement, Sparkles helped us move the big kennel into our tent where we put all the pets together. We tried going to sleep.

Pablo scratched me to wake up and pet him at 0522.

Then started the next dream. I was invited into this small, coastal community to hang out with the locals. So I started going there regularly to watch Grey’s Anatomy at a friend’s house on Thursday nights.

It was an adorable place, cottages nestled on a lake. Picturesque. Beautiful. Just the sort of place I could move to.

I went there one night and it was a huge neighborhood dinner. Only all the single people were seated together and had to vote for the most beautiful people. The guy across from me got most of the votes, but two were handed to me with my full name on it. It was at this point that I realized I was being set up.

The elders had scouted me out and decided I’d be acceptable in this community that was lacking eligible women and were trying to match me up with someone so I’d convince them to stay there. Cottages never went up for sale, they were held on to for a newlywed couple to move into. Creepy.

Another night I was there and the roads were all flooded, so I stopped at the hospital to see my friend the nurse. I asked her for some allergy meds, then I had to pick from an assortment. I was tired of carrying around a bag of poo and absent-mindedly threw it into the wood stove there. I immediately regretted that decision. But my friend said it would all be okay.

We started to watch Grey’s Anatomy in one of the rooms at the hospital. The big flatscreen had picture-in-picture and I wondered again why I can’t figure out how to do that at home. I accidentally started it up to watch the same show in three different points at the same time and instantly regretted that.

I was told I had to throw a bachelorette party and told to go to the Inn where the bride was waiting. It was really windy as I was riding my bike past a man and his son. The man’s flannel shirt blew right into the spokes of my tire. We untangled, but he followed me to the Inn.

I met up with the bride and we went looking for the suite. The bride pointed to a door, I opened it, but immediately heard people having sex, so I tried to close it, but the creepy guy snuck in and was watching. I tried to lock him in there, but he had jammed his foot in the door. The occupants dressed and came out to yell at us. I tried looking for the real suite, but the rest of the rooms had glass walls, were all lit up, and looked more like mini libraries.

It was stressing me out, so I woke up. I didn’t want to move into that creepy, inbred coastal community anyways.

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