Help Wedding Singer meet Taylor Swift!

Have you ever read a post on CowPuppy Ranch and thought to yourself, “I’d pay money for this!” If so, please read on…

I’m not asking for money for myself, what I’d like you to do instead, is to help Wedding Singer with his project.

My dear friend, John “Wedding Singer” McLellan, and his band, The Clintons, are trying to raise money for their upcoming album, “Sellout”. They are making the album, two videos, and are trying to get enough money to be able to do a big-scale radio and promo blitz.

And they have written a song and are making a video for Taylor Swift, in hopes that she will play mini-golf with the band. Sounds like some crazy thing I would do, eh?

So, for the love of good music and good humor, please make a contribution to the project!

Here is a teaser of the upcoming video. First a clip from Taylor’s video

And this is a clip from John’s video.

Do you see the shout out to me? Adorable!

So please, please, for me, give John a big shout out by making a contribution to the project. All it takes is $3 or more. Hopefully, you feel like you’ve gotten more than $3 of entertainment out of my blog. So donate to their project what you can. I’ve already made my contribution. They just need a little more help!


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  1. Seriously, you’re a stud. Thank you.


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