I’ve landed in Orlando. Uneventful trip. Sat next to a nice looking business man who reminded me of Tom Scavo on Desperate Housewives and a twenty-something Google engineer. Maybe he doesn’t work at Google, but he was wearing cheap, florescent-green sunglasses with Google written on the side and his laptop was covered in tacky stickers. Scavo gave me some gum but didn’t try to start a conversation. So I talked to him after we landed about out Bose, noise-canceling headphones and how he brought his golf clubs, but I decided against it. Scintillating conversation.

Sparkles isn’t having as much luck. I guess the whole east coast is having crappy weather. His flight was delayed before he even got to the airport.

Mountain Man et al are going to pick me up for dinner. Good thing because I’m starving! I forgot I’d be on the flight for lunch. So far I’ve had a banana before boarding and one after landing. There is a sketchy-looking grey-haired woman looking at me while she eats Wheat Thins from a box and chews with her mouth open. I don’t know whether I should stare her down and steal her Wheat Thins or run.

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  1. So you won’t steal a lemon in a tree overflowing with lemons and no witnesses, yet you’ll entertain the idea of snatching a lone box of crackers from the elderly? Interesting turn of events!


  2. Posted by K on May 1, 2011 at 8:27 am

    Regardless of what the Catholic Church tells me, there is a big difference between contemplating an action and actually going through with it. ;-)


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