Missed connections

We all went to the airport this morning not knowing if we were staying or leaving. NASA’s press conference was supposed to be at 1030, but Mountain Man and kids had a flight at 1000. Lucky for us, NASA leaks like a sieve, so the Twitterverse was aglow with rumors that the launch wouldn’t happen before the end of the week.

Sparkles and I hung outside the ticket counters until there was some official word that the delay was for real. Then we went to get our boarding passes. Only problem was that I walked right by the Virgin ticket counters because no one was there. When I circled back around, the TSA agent who had smiled at me as I passed the first time took a chance the second time and asked if I needed help. I said that I was looking for the Virgin ticket counter. He told me I have a beautiful smile. I thanked him and he explained that the agents wouldn’t be there until at least noon. My flight wasn’t until 1640, so they weren’t expecting me or the Spanish Inquisition. He the told me the secret: if I knocked on the side door someone might open it and help me. I said I’d try my luck at the Jet Blue counter. Maybe they’d give me a pass to “help” my brother on the plane. And then made a crack about my brother’s mental capacity behind his back.

While waiting for Sparkles to use the ticket machine, I spied a non-branded machine around the corner. To my amazement, it was willing to dispense tickets from any number of airlines. It meant I couldn’t check my bag though. Oh well.

Sparkles and I went to the security check. When the TSA agent looked at my ticket, she hesitated. I explained that I knew I was going the wrong way, but that my flight wasn’t until much later and I wanted to hang out with my brother until his flight. That seemed like a good explanation, so she let me through with a smile and said, “Now don’t you forget to come back now, ya hear?” Yes Ma’am.

We waited for Sparkles’ flight, then I went off to my Terminal on the complete opposite side of the airport. I wandered around looking for a place to call home. My little wing of the airport was completely empty except for one little bar with no patrons.

I asked the bartender if there was a place with a plug. Sure enough, on the far side. So I sat down and we introduced ourselves as I explained that I’d be there for quite a while.

Bartender told me the wing had mostly been AirTran that had just been bought out by Southwest. So for another month or so it would be empty except for the occasional Virgin America flight. I decided that was fine because I had the whole place to myself.

Bartender and I chatted for quite a while. He told me all the perks of being in his business. His girlfriend works for an airline, so they jet around on random weekends. It made me think I need to date a pilot.

Occasionally, Southwest passengers from one of the other wings would show up and exclaim at the oasis of quiet they had just happened upon. I helped a couple, both hairdressers, decide on an iPad or a MacBook Air.

I talked with a woman who is a beer/liquor distributor for the group that supplies the bar I was at. From her and the bartender I learned that different kinds of bands at concert venues attract different types of drinkers. We discussed the merits of the fill-from-the-bottom cups and how they give perfect head every time. And that you can adjust the depth of the head by pressing the right buttons. And she told me her company gave her the choice of Blackberries or iPhones, so she switched immediately. Then she wanted to know why they hadn’t just replaced all the pcs with macs as well.

I talked with an older gentleman who works on the programming on NASA tv and is going to be laid off soon after the shuttles stop launching. He confirmed all the information I’d been reading about the shuttle delay.

And in that time, I also managed to finish up some other stuff I’d been working on, although I don’t think my email sent, so I’ll have to do that when I get home.

When the tweets came in to remind me to leave the bar, I paid my check and thanked the bartender for letting me stay for a couple hours. He at least feigned that he would miss me.

On the plane, Tom Scavo stopped me to say hello. I wanted to talk to him more, but I wasn’t sitting next to him this time. I should have made a point to go talk to him during the flight. He is talk and good looking.

I’d managed to change my middle seat to a window seat when I checked in. Lucky for me and The Aisle, no one sat in the middle. the Aisle and I chatted for probably and hour and a half or so. He’s a physEd teacher and was in Orlando for a conference. We chatted about all kind of things, one of which was that he decide I was so headstrong that I must be difficult to date. You can imagine all the good stories of flat tires and missed opportunities that I regaled him with. I expect that anyone I date must be able to do more to my car than I can.

Eventually, I read a junk-food thriller. When we landed, I tried to catch Scavo’s eye, but I couldn’t. I had a plan to stop by baggage claim and say good night on my way to the AirBart, but it turns out that baggage claim was downstairs and AirBart was upstairs.

The AirBart was quick. I didn’t wait long for BART, and I only had to wait fifteen minutes for Caltrain. Now, on my ride home, I’m wondering how things would have been different if I had missed the train because I’d gone to baggage claim to ask Scavo if he’d had a chance to play golf while he was in Orlando.

Guess we will never know.

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  1. You helped some hair dressers pick out “a MacBookAir or an iPad” there at the airport? As in, retail? That’s so random. I like it.


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