Wonder Works & Downtown Disney

(Written yesterday, but the internet connection in the hotel sucked, so I had to wait to get to the airport.)

Today, we wait.

Tomorrow there should be an announcement about when the shuttle will attempt to launch again. But today we goofed off.

If you are ever in Orlando and want to do something a little cheaper than all the Disney attractions, I highly recommend Wonder Works on International Drive. We had a blast (I think the kids liked it too!) for a fairly reasonable price. Here are some of the things that we did. Check out my Wonder World Gallery for the full album.

Part of admission is a ropes course. I tried it, but it was really not my thing. Sparkles and Mountain Man’s Oldest (I still don’t have names for the kids. They all have great personalities for names and will get them someday) were like monkeys running around a jungle. There are videos at My Gallery.

Mountain Man lies on a pokey bed of nails.

I am definitely going to space. Really, I swear!

I said no to going to Hooters for lunch yesterday, so we went to the Mexican restaurant next door. This pretty much sums up what the kids thought of it.


One response to this post.

  1. THIS PLACE BITES. Those kids will appreciate that humor when they’re paying their own rent, someday.


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