Breaking up with my car

I’ve told Myrtle that I’m going to start seeing other forms of transportation. She was more understanding than I expected. I left her home the other night and took the train to the city.

Gas prices are going down, but I don’t expect them to stay there. So, I’ve started biking and walking more to where I’m going, both to save money on gas and to get exercise. As I told Meine Schwester, I’m working up my biking muscles for when I can’t afford gas any longer.

This renewed interest in biking was also because May was bike to work month. I commuted 10 times to work, I biked a couple times to the bar, and I used my bike to run some errands. My family was visiting, so I took a few vacation days, or I would have logged more commutes.

Yesterday alone, I biked five miles to and from work, ran the dog for a mile, then took a quick shower so I could bike to dinner. Today, so far, I’ve walked the dog and walked to Wilson’s for a haircut. I’ll get some more miles on my bike when I run errands later.

I’ve added more walking thanks to my new health plan. I switched to a Health Savings Account. So my deductible is higher and my premiums are lower, but my employer invests in my HSA. As a benefit, the more activities I participate in at work, the more points I earn, and I will get bonus money in my account for taking care of myself.

To get more points, I’ve signed up to lose weight, to check in with a health counselor who will help me on my weight loss course, and signed up for a month-long walking/running challenge. I have to log 75 miles in the next month. Shouldn’t be too hard since I walk the dog almost two miles a day already. I’ll add in a couple runs and a few more walks.

Part of fixing the health care costs in this country is to take responsibility for my health. I’m going to do my part by losing some weight, eating healthy, and exercising regularly. My insurance is there for when things go wrong; my responsibility is prevention. As a side benefit, I’ll save on gas!

I’ll miss driving Myrtle, but I’ll feel better about saving the environment and myself.

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  1. Posted by s on May 29, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    OMG. When I read just the title (stupid Xbox, no browser) I thought you’d traded her in!

    I’m glad it’s just that you’re doing more for yourself. If it makes you feel good it’s wonderful. Yeah, I’m crazy supportive of you. Shrug. You, and two local folks. Some people are just important.

    I haven’t named my new Miata yet. Mimi has been the name of the other 3. I’m thinking maybe I’ll do the same. Unless you have a great suggestion. She’s blue. (Blue? no, too much like me)


  2. At least you live in a climate where you CAN bike & walk more to work. In Montana, you get 4 months, max, before it’s straight up too bloody cold in the mornings to go biking. Or, at least, you CAN bike to work, but you gotta bundle up, which then makes you super sweaty underneath your coat, hat & gloves by the time you reach your destination. Ugh. Enjoy geekville.


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