Today is off to a bad start. Got to Caltrain and the parking lot was full, so I decided to drive to SF.

Didn’t have enough gas, so I had to stop and fill up.

Got to the highway and there was plenty of parking, so I immediately got off and went to a different train station.

The parking lot was full, so I drove back to my parking lot and parked half a mile away.

I had to almost run to catch the train that was half an hour later than the one I tried to catch originally.

Looking like a cloudy day in the city in more ways than one.

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  1. Posted by Sarah D. on June 8, 2011 at 10:05 am

    Hmm… I was thinking about taking the train to the city and meeting D for lunch on Friday; should I re-think transportation? Or do you think the train station will be less crowded on Friday?


    • Take the train. It is the best option. Just know that you might have to park far away from the train station and walk to it. So plan for that when timing it.


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