Animal cruelty

My dog and I play games on our walks. One of them happens when we walk through the heavy magnolia tree leaves and we try not to make a sound. When I accidentally kick one, she turns and gives me a look of scorn. When she kicks one, I giggle and wonder if she knows she lost the game.

Lately, she has taken to trying to diverge from our normal path. After five years of walking the same sidewalk twice a day, she has decided she needs some excitement. So, Perl walks down another sidewalk, stops, turns, and gives me a look that says, “Please? Just this time?”

The first time, I said no, and she walked back to me indignantly. The second time she held her ground. So I caved. Now she tries it every day. Sometimes I give in, other days I insist. When she wins, her tail wags, her ears perk up and she is obviously happy. When she loses, her tail drops limp between her legs.

Turns out crows recognize faces and will hate you for life. Does Perl feel disappointment? Resentment? If so, for how long?

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Don’t forget that YOU are the Alpha wolf in the pack. However, for someone who will let a friend order for her off of the menu, it seems odd that you wouldn’t be up for random adventure on dog walks. Perhaps it’s time to mix it up, indeed.


  2. Now that you have reproduced, you will begin to understand the importance of routine. By sticking to the same path every time, the dog knows when she has to “finish her business.” =)


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