Perfect timing

While walking the dog this morning, I had a nagging urge to look at the time. I was afraid I’d be late to the shuttle.

But why? There was a later shuttle if I missed this one. Knowing the time would just make me nervous, and I would have cut the dog’s walk short thinking I didn’t have enough time. She would have hung her head and walked with her tail between her legs. And I would have tugged at her every time she stopped. We both would have been miserable.

It reminded me of this guy I used to date who would look at his watch periodically in the movie theater. All it did was to signal to me that he wasn’t interested in being there. Guess I wasn’t interested in him being there either.

Moral of the story is—there is always another bus or another guy, so let the dog sniff the roses.


2 responses to this post.

  1. interesting theory!


  2. Let the dog sniff the roses indeed. Me likes.


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