Mountain Man, feeling guilty for tripping me into that pothole that fractured a bone, gave me a lift to the airport this morning so I can go to Disney World, where I will not be running five miles in a half marathon relay.

I packed in just a backpack because I still can’t go without my crutches. I learned that this morning while “walking the dog”. And they earn me a little more sympathy from my fellow passengers. Or scorn. I can’t tell which.

The TSA was very accommodating. And so was I. I places both my crutches an Das Boot through the X-ray. A lovely TSA woman helped me to hobble through the metal detector. And then she helped me move my stuff to a bench so I could reassemble myself.

There were no better seats than the one I have and it is a full flight. I was able to board first, which I’m grateful for because I needed the extra time to rearrange. I didn’t realize until this happened how it takes twice as much time to do anything.

I’ll be a lot more considerate of others who are injured. Not that I wasn’t already, but even more so now.


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