Miss Independent

I’ve spent the day at Disney on my own Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride in my rented wheelchair. I could have spent $50 a day on a motorized chair, but I wanted to know what it is like to be so dependent on others to get around.

The result? Frustrating.

I feel like I’m viewing the day through someone else’s eyes. My brothers have been pushing me around and I am grateful, but I realize it takes a lot of trust. Especially in such a crowded environment.

Occasionally we’ve been directed at hidden exits and elevators. My own secret passageways.

And people don’t speak to me most of the time, they speak to whoever is pushing me.

The worst is the loss of independence.


3 responses to this post.

  1. The best is that you get to cut all of the lines. I’ve done that trip in a wheelchair before. Only thing to watch out for is wheelchair stealers. It sucks to get off a ride and have someone stolen your chair!


  2. At least if you have to be pushed around you are in Disney and not at work! Hope you are all having a good time. Oh and did I mention that I am WICKED jealous!


  3. What an experience. Disney with a bum foot in a wheel chair. Unreal indeed. HOLY CRAP I’m behind in your adventures. Sheesh!


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