First beer down

20111001-202946.jpgI was going to be a good girl. I was going to stay home and do my work tonight because I can’t run.

But why waste a good party?

Here I am at Epcot Center. Biding my time. We arrived around 7:30 and I am to meet them in the UK at quarter to midnight. I’m writing it here so I remember.

It has been an hour and this was the first moment I’ve had alone.

In the parking lot, as I hobbled with my crutches in to the park, a woman saw me, saw a park wheelchair, grabbed it and told me to get in. I did as she said.

Turns out she is a non-disgruntled postal worker who grew up not far from where I live in Cali and lives down the street here in FL. She was meeting her sister and friends in the park. And she wanted to wheel me in.


When we got to the gate, she didn’t have the right ticket for the evening activities so they couldn’t give her a wristband, but finally allowed her to go find her sister to get it. I was her ticket in since I looked so pathetic.

For an hour, she pushed me around while we waited for her sister to text back. We tried Canada because she is friends with the band.

We stopped at the pub in the UK where I’m to meet Sparkles and Life Partner and Princess M (who is playing me in the relay tonight). The bouncer at the pub hugged her and waved to me.

Her friends weren’t there, so we went on to the biergarten in Deutschland where we are to meet up with Meine Schwester.

That is where we found her sister. And she really did have tickets.

It is also where I left them with the wheelchair for their own entertainment.

Now I’m drinking a Schaffengaffensomething Weisen and sitting on a park bench waiting for the fireworks. And my next story.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Awesome Picture!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like fun!


  2. Posted by Bfidler on October 2, 2011 at 6:17 am

    Sexy Girls!


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