The wait

20111001-232051.jpgThe wait begins. I’ve found myself some Irish cheese and merlot. Living in the Bay Area means I have access to all this great food all the time, so I just found something in the UK that I could eat while waiting. I figured I need the calcium.

Speaking of my fracture, as I was sitting on the park bench waiting for the park to reopen, an attractive couple approached; she in the wheelchair, he pushing. I asked what had happened and she explained. Then they asked me. That stopped him in his tracks. He had the same fracture. On one foot it took four months to heal. The other took six.

Four months? Are you kidding?

He told me that the fifth metatarsal and another bone in your wrist are the two slowest to heal because they get the least blood flow.


We all moved on. The bartender has been very friendly. I was walking with both crutches in one hand and carrying the cheese in another. So he put the wine on a table next to him and we’ve been chatting. But now it is time for me to move on. He is getting busy and the first round should be getting here.

Oh, and yes, this is a night race. It started at 10pm. I was not waiting on a park bench until the park opened in the morning.


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