Where there’s one

…there’s three. As I was wandering aimlessly in the time between park closing and park reopening, a cleaning guy stopped me and pointed out the rabbit. You can see the shadow.

20111001-215115.jpgThen he pointed to a second one. I pointed and said “When there’s two, there’s three,” when I saw a third by the bush. He says they come out when the park closes, hoping to get scraps before everything is cleaned up.

Luckily, Nemi isn’t here since she would probably try to kill it. Earlier today we found this interesting big red bug crawling around in Animal Kingdom. As soon as we pointed it out, she stomped to kill it. When we all yelled, “No,” she said to me, “but it was out of its cage.” We’d just been visiting a display of insects and arachnids. Luckily, she missed.

On another note, I watched the fireworks with a lovely pregnant lady from outside Atlanta. She was supposed to run the race but is due next month. Her husband sprained an ankle in sympathy, so he couldn’t run either. She said I could join them, but I’m rather enjoying my independence.

The park closed after the fireworks. Now I’m hanging out on a bench hoping they don’t make me go back out of the park before it reopens at 10:30.

It seems unlikely.


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