Last week, Physics Goddess called to tell me that when she was moving in with her fiancé, she’d found a box in the basement with my name and address on it. It had my recent address so it was assembled within the last five years. But she had no idea what was inside.

I received the box yesterday.

Inside were three packages.

Two birthday presents and a Christmas present. I opened the Christmas present.


A Braille t-shirt. I have an urge to wear this to work but it might be an HR violation to ask the two blind guys on the second floor to feel my chest and tell me what it says.

I opened the soft Christmas present next.


A beautiful scarf! I wondered where it was from. So I opened the hard box, which was wet on one side.


Wine! From France!!

One of the bottles had opened and leaked out and tasted like vinegar. The others are still closed. I have to wonder how well they’ve aged!

Today’s package just had Steve Jobs’s biography. Not as much of a surprise!

Thank you Physics Goddess!!



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