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I just watched an amazing sunset. Mai Tai in hand. Jack Johnson playing on the stereo. Laying in a cabana on the deck of the penthouse suite.

The sunset was absolutely stunning. I put my phone away to watch it. The sun moved too fast. I wanted it to linger there forever. At one point I thought it may have stopped, may have given in to my whims, but alas, my lowly reality-distortion field could not detain its ultimate demise.

Do I ever have to leave here?


Spider bite

That was the best guess the Doc at Urgent Care came up with too. Also seems infected from my scratching.

Antibiotics for the infection, Claritin to stop the itching and quell my reaction, a culture to make sure it isn’t something more, and an appointment Thursday in case it isn’t better.

Hopefully this will clear it up.


Back at Urgent Care. It’s been over a month, so I just wanted to make sure it looks the same. Or it is because of this lump on the back of my leg.

On Friday I though it was a flea bite. But my pets are up to date on their flea meds. It was itching. I scratched it.

Saturday it started growing a lump and I wondered if it were a spider bite. Still itching, it became hot.

By yesterday, the lump was big enough that it was annoying me when I bent my leg. And it started oozing.

This morning I can feel the lump while walking. It is still hot, itchy, and oozing.

I’m supposed to go to Hawaii on Saturday, so I need this thing fixed.

Message recieved

When I took Perl out for a walk at 8 am, the note was still on my car. As we strolled along the sidewalk, I considered my options for getting my point across. If they didn’t take the note, then I would leave my car there until they did, appending an explanation that they had given me no other way to contact them. And then I thought about all the other bitter things I wanted to write. About how I’d love them to call the police so I could explain how they are impersonating the real owner and that I suspect—realizing the place was vacant—that they are planning a Craigslist scam where they rent out a vacant place they don’t own.

But I thought better of it. These people leaving nasty notes are probably going to be my new neighbors.

However, I suspect they already are my neighbors. The Archivist thinks that the people buying her unit are her neighbors on the other side. This is all but confirmed now because I saw him out walking as I was returning from my morning Constitutional. Lo and behold, the note on my car was gone. I don’t think this is a coincidence.


This is the note that I found on my car today.


A little bit of context is required here. For the last few weeks, I’ve been driving Miss Moneypenny thanks to The Cravat loaning her to me while I had Das Boot on my foot. Myrtle sat idle in my carport and I asked The Archivist, who is in the process of selling her place and moved out months ago, if I could use her carport for Miss Moneypenny. A few days before I said adieu to Das Boot, our carport was painted and I had a friend move Myrtle out into the cold, unprotected wilds next to the porta-potty being used by the painters. Miss Moneypenny eventually ended up in my carport, and now that I’ve been back to driving Myrtle for a week, she has been parked in The Archivist’s spot.

Seeing as The Archivist has not called me in excitement to tell me that her place has sold, and seeing as I just saw her when she came to dinner on Thursday night, I was surprised to see this note on my car today using the word “our” and referring to The Archivist’s carport. She was just as surprised when I sent her the photo.

So I have written a letter “to whomever left the anonymous, threatening note on my car today” and placed it on my car. It took every ounce of self control I had not to use the word “cowardly”. I explained how I broke my foot and have been borrowing a car and will be returning it on Monday. I explained how the owner of the unit graciously allowed me to use her parking space and how we thought it was also a good way to make her place not look abandoned. I also explained that in the months that it has been empty, I have been acting as caretaker, making sure that it is secured and no one has broken in or vandalized the empty unit. I went on to explain that today, while they were writing me a threatening note, I was sitting watch as the paint dried on their newly painted door. We recently had the doors painted, but in order to paint the edges, I had to have my door open for at least four hours. So I took care of my neighbor’s door too while I was home watching the paint dry on my own door.

And the gratitude I received from my supposedly new neighbors was to threaten to call the cops on me.


Misplaced posts

Hah! I just found that on the night I broke my foot, I was so out of it that I created two new Pages instead of Posts. So, for a little bit of entertainment, I’m moving them here.

F^&4@2’g karma

Karma just gave me what I deserve. I stepped in a f!,@’@/&;g pothole and now I’m crawling around my place like I don’t have legs. F&;&ㅜㅜ !!!!!1!!


Here I am. Sitting on a bag of fertilized soil that I have dragged from my outside closet after crawling here in search of my crutches of which only has one foot, causing my desperate attempt to find the second foot. I feel pathetic. Broken. Subservient to to chunk of marble I’ve pulled from my closet in hopes of finding the crutch foot.

Today I heckled comedians. I talked spitefully against Meine Schwester. I spoke ill of others. I deserve everything I’ve gotten as I sit here in the cold and dark, contemplating crawling back inside.

Karma is sweet revenge.

Free time

Last weekend, I took Pablo to the vets for a checkup. He’s been limping and I’m really hoping it is just arthritis, but the vet wants to do an X-ray in case it is a tumor. But I refuse to believe it is a tumor because that could result in an amputation. So we are trying some pills to help with his joints. If he doesn’t stop limping I’ll have to pay for the X-ray.

The vet was having a slow day, so while he was in getting his shots and his nails trimmed, I went home and picked up Perl. The vet told me about these new allergy pills. The Benedryl has not been working. But she had to see Perl’s torn up paws and bloodshot eyes for herself.

The allergy meds are ridiculously expensive, but if they work, she should be able to taper down to a pill once every few days. The vet also gave her a steroid to get started.

While we were there, Perl broke a nail really high up. So the vet, afraid of infection, gave her antibiotics too. And she had to wear the collar. That was an unpleasant few days.

Mitsy didn’t visit the vet this round, but there is a new food to help with her hyperthyroid, so I got the prescription and the food. With luck, I should be able to taper her off the prescription and just do the food.

So now everyone has pills except for me. I could have used a Halloween jar of Valium next to the cash register when I paid the bill. It stung.

Now that Perl isn’t licking constantly, she has all this free time. I keep sneaking up on her to see what she is doing. Tonight, she visited her toy basket, which she hasn’t done in a while. She left it looking like a small explosive had detonated inside.

Perl was actually playing tonight. It was adorable.

I’m still hoping she uses all this new free time wisely. Maybe she will learn French or start playing the piano?

I could only hope.