Free time

Last weekend, I took Pablo to the vets for a checkup. He’s been limping and I’m really hoping it is just arthritis, but the vet wants to do an X-ray in case it is a tumor. But I refuse to believe it is a tumor because that could result in an amputation. So we are trying some pills to help with his joints. If he doesn’t stop limping I’ll have to pay for the X-ray.

The vet was having a slow day, so while he was in getting his shots and his nails trimmed, I went home and picked up Perl. The vet told me about these new allergy pills. The Benedryl has not been working. But she had to see Perl’s torn up paws and bloodshot eyes for herself.

The allergy meds are ridiculously expensive, but if they work, she should be able to taper down to a pill once every few days. The vet also gave her a steroid to get started.

While we were there, Perl broke a nail really high up. So the vet, afraid of infection, gave her antibiotics too. And she had to wear the collar. That was an unpleasant few days.

Mitsy didn’t visit the vet this round, but there is a new food to help with her hyperthyroid, so I got the prescription and the food. With luck, I should be able to taper her off the prescription and just do the food.

So now everyone has pills except for me. I could have used a Halloween jar of Valium next to the cash register when I paid the bill. It stung.

Now that Perl isn’t licking constantly, she has all this free time. I keep sneaking up on her to see what she is doing. Tonight, she visited her toy basket, which she hasn’t done in a while. She left it looking like a small explosive had detonated inside.

Perl was actually playing tonight. It was adorable.

I’m still hoping she uses all this new free time wisely. Maybe she will learn French or start playing the piano?

I could only hope.


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  1. Hey K, will *you* learn French? :-) Next Time I’m over, I could teach you some! ;-)


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