Misplaced posts

Hah! I just found that on the night I broke my foot, I was so out of it that I created two new Pages instead of Posts. So, for a little bit of entertainment, I’m moving them here.

F^&4@2’g karma

Karma just gave me what I deserve. I stepped in a f!,@’@/&;g pothole and now I’m crawling around my place like I don’t have legs. F&;&ㅜㅜ !!!!!1!!


Here I am. Sitting on a bag of fertilized soil that I have dragged from my outside closet after crawling here in search of my crutches of which only has one foot, causing my desperate attempt to find the second foot. I feel pathetic. Broken. Subservient to to chunk of marble I’ve pulled from my closet in hopes of finding the crutch foot.

Today I heckled comedians. I talked spitefully against Meine Schwester. I spoke ill of others. I deserve everything I’ve gotten as I sit here in the cold and dark, contemplating crawling back inside.

Karma is sweet revenge.


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