I have survived my first week of vegetarianism.

It has been a long time coming. I like eating meat, but only if I don’t think about what I’m actually eating. When I was in Hawaii, I found myself chasing chickens and petting cows. It reminded me of growing up when I would chase my pet chicken around the yard to toughen her up so no one would want to eat her.

I don’t remember when she disappeared and I don’t like to think about what happened to her.

Yes, I had a pet chicken named Whitey. She probably thought it was a racist name.

I also had a pony. Occasionally we would catch greased pigs at the county fair. I had a Saint Bernard and cats and guinea pigs too. And a hamster or two.

I loved to raise animals.

I don’t love to eat them.

For Thanksgiving lunch, I had my first veggie burger. It was actually pretty decent. Then I had Thanksgiving turkey for dinner. On Friday I had a turkey sandwich at the airport, pretending it was my leftovers. That was the last meat I’ve eaten.

At a party a few weeks ago, bbum taunted me while I was having a crisis about eating pulled pork. I was having a hard time with the idea of eating meat if I’m not willing to kill the animals myself. He said he’d take me out to kill turkeys.

The idea frightened me so much that it forced me to make a decision.

Here I am, one week in to being a vegetarian. I just bought my first tofu at the farmers market. I’m learning about what I get from meat and from what other sources I can get those nutrients.

So far, finding decent alternatives when I go out hasn’t been so bad.

We will see how long this lasts.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds very interesting. I don’t know if I’ll ever do it, but I might. Although my biggest concern with being fully veggie is that it’s just not convenient when you don’t get to decide what you eat. So I’m basically a “half veggie” ;-) That is, most of the time (but really, like 80 or 90%) when I decide myself I’ll favor non meat over meat.

    Did you know we should eat about 250 gr meat maximum per week? Most people in the world eat like a kg, which is insanely pro-cancer :( That’s actually my #1 motivation for not eating too much meat. Maybe it’s because I lost my dad, Steve Jobs, and David Servan Schreiber (google for him) from Cancer the last 6 months.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like animals, and I wouldn’t kill them myself, but to be really honest this is not my motivation. Either ways congrats for your decision — I’m sure you’ll make it!

    As a side note, did you know we’re technically “made” for 2kg sugar / year and Europeans eat 35 (!) while in the US people eat 70 kg (!!!) sugar / year. Note for your readers: Inform about Agave sirup or Stevia — the later just got “legalized” (bullshit…) in Germany, finally.


  2. The offer still stands… :)

    My parents largely eat the “very little meat” diet and are healthy as can be for their age. Lots of greens. Lots of salads. And a bit of fish.

    I’ll have to share some recipes with you. Also, the Campbell Farmer’s market has the best assortment of fruits, veggies, and greens I’ve seen around here. I’m sure the MV farmer’s market is awesome, too.

    Find yourself some Big Paws Olive Oil & Balsalmic. Delicious stuff and a bit of a splash on just about any veggie puts it over the top.


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