Don’t piss me off today

I took the shuttle to work today. I was blissfully reading a book on my iPad. The part about Joan Baez. Then my world was interrupted by a bratty, 20-something, pimply-faced child who sat behind me at the next stop.

He was talking on his phone. He wasn’t trying to hide it. In my brain, Joan Baez was replaced by a one sided conversation about the game the other night. About how this snotty kid convinced his admin to buy him twenty-four gigs of ram. He decided that he might have only needed twelve gigs. He used to have four. Then he started talking about his bank account. And ATMs. And some game he is going to next week. By then I’d closed my iPad because I’d read the same paragraph five times.

When it was my stop, I stood up, turned around, looked him in the eyes and loudly said, “I don’t care about the game, I don’t care about your bank account, and I certainly don’t care how much memory you put in your computer. Thanks for making it impossible for me to read.”

As I was ranting, his hand with the phone in it slowly fell away from his ear. He looked dumbfounded. Almost as if he were surprised that anyone had been listening.



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  1. Thank you for doing this.

    I once did the same on commuter train from CT -> NYC. Woman was talking loudly about various random drunken adventures involving office mates, who was sleeping with whom, etc.etc.etc… It didn’t bother me *that* much, because I had headphones on, but I could tell it was driving the rest of the commuters — surprisingly too timid to say anything — up the wall.

    After a good 20 minutes of this, she hung up.

    I turned and said, “Thanks for letting me know how extremely unprofessional your firm is managed internally. To think my firm was about to sign a multi-million dollar deal with your firm. Is Tom your manager? I’ll be sure and let him know how appreciative we are that you saved us from making such a mistake! Thank you again for sharing!”

    Of course, I had no idea where she worked. I picked up on “Tom” and that she worked in a marketing type firm through her conversation.

    She turned absolutely pale white and started tearing up.

    The rest of the train applauded.


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