Slow day

This morning started with a Ron Paul supporter giving me his spiel at breakfast. I didn’t know him. I was just making waffles in the lobby of the hotel. I did not give him my opinion of Ron Paul’s narrow view of foreign policy.

Fuckin’ Hipster and I drove back into the city. We split and I had lunch with an old friend from college whom I haven’t seem since the last time I was in Chicago—for his wedding. It seems that I only visit Chicago for weddings.

We had a spectacular lunch at South Water Kitchen. Then I took a tour of his offices. He is doing quite well for himself. It makes me wonder when I will grow up and become an adult.

Then I checked into my hotel. I’m in the other tower this time, with a view of the lake. I keep thinking it is an ocean out there.


I spent the rest of the afternoon walking. I pretty much walked the loop. I went through the park and found the big metal drop. The architecture in Chicago is fabulous. And everywhere has seemed so clean and lovely. I never thought I’d like this city so much!



Now I’m off to find some dinner. I was invited to dinner, but I don’t actually know what time. I am still hoping they might call and tell me. Either way, I will find dinner somewhere!


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