Let’s earn some karma points together!

A former coworker wrote to me recently to ask a favor. I’ll let her explain why…

My nephew, Sonny is a year old and has an autoimmune enteropathy called IPEX Syndrome There are less than 200 cases in the world, but can be treated with a bone marrow transplant. He is scheduled to go in for his transplant December 3rd. Right now, Sonny is in isolation to prepare for his chemotherapy and surgery. My brother works in construction and can only see Sonny during the weekends because of the potential to carry a bacteria from the job site to the hospital…Sonny will be in the hospital for four to six months. When he comes home, only his mom and dad will be able to see him. The rest of our family will be able to see him (when everything goes well 😊 ) two years after the surgery.

So she is looking for two iPads so they can use FaceTime to talk to Sonny while he is in isolation. Sorry, I should have warned you to get a box of tissues.

She was just looking for a discount, but I know we can do better than that. So what I’m looking for are donations—$5, $10, $20. I’ll take cash, check or credit card in person, or you can send it through PayPal at neptonia@me.com with a note that says, “Karma for Sonny”. If I collect more than is needed for the iPads, I’ll send it to the Red Cross for disaster victims.

I’m also looking for two people to offer an iPad discount. I used mine on another family this year.

Please, will you be part of my latest scheme to earn karma points?

I’m all set on the discounts. I’ve also learned that I can get charity donation receipts so you can write off anything you donate.


2 responses to this post.

  1. […] mission.  I headed to the Palo Alto Apple Store in search of an iPad mini to send to Sonny for my Karma Point Mission.  Why didn’t anyone tell me that minis are sold out?  Maybe someone did and I wasn’t […]


  2. […] succeeded.  We should soon all be earning karma points.  Thank you to everyone who donated to my karma-point cause!  I’ve mailed an iPad mini, an iPod Touch, a mini cover and an Apple t-shirt to Sonny and […]


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